BEWARE QUICKSAND!The more you fight, the more you sink.

Conceptual Characters brief challenged me to be experimental and to make a publication based on a subject that interests me. As a starting point, I was given a list of different typefaces from which I had to choose one that inspired me the most.I decided to use ‘Quicksand’ because of the wide range of experiment opportunities it offers - literally and metaphorically.

I have created a book that shows the rich process I undertook in the ‘Conceptual Characters’ unit. The book contains my initial experiments with the letters and layout to resemble the way quicksands looks and how they might feel and explain my creative decision to play with the concept of quicksands in our everyday lives and the fact that the more people fight and try to change the situation, the worse it might get.

Project type
  • Editorial design
  • Typography
  • Experimental

Experimental publication

‘Coronavirus has now spread to all corners of the planet infecting millions of people and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. The virus spread so fast around the world that it didn’t even give us a chance to fight back.’ With this experimental typographic publication I visualised how the virus started and how fast it took over our lives - as the death cases progressively grow, so does the page size. The background and the text colour also get progressively darker to further reinforce the tragedy of the situation.

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