STOP BY STOP.A campaign positioning Duolingo in the hands of young adults.

Duolingo allows young people to connect with one another, have new experiences and create new opportunities. Yet, in an ever-accelerating world, 16–22 year olds find it hard to integrate Duolingo into the little free time they have. As part of the D&AD Student Awards, Duolingo set the challenge of opening young adults’ eyes to the world of languages and inspiring them to weave language learning into their daily routine, with an integrated campaign launching at the start of the school year.

Our integrated campaign aims to highlight the potential of the unused time of commuting to education and fill it with fun, bitesize Duolingo lessons. We believe that by using eye-catching green seats to highlight the potential of unused time in public transport, we show 16-22 year olds that whatever their destination, they can get there with Duolingo.

Project type
  • Advertising
  • Integrated campaign
In collaboration with
  • Cynthia Porta
  • Dominikus Kronwitter
  • Funday From

The insight

We didn’t want to take away time from what young adults love doing like spending time on social media, socialising with friends or doing their hobbies, instead we aimed to highlight the cumulative potential of the time they’re not using. Globally, 16-22 year olds spend an average of 47 minutes waiting and travelling a day, which equals to 235 minutes a week, 940 minutes a month and 11 280 minutes a year.


Our campaign places Duolingo green seats on buses, other public transport and popular routes to education. The seats start a timer when sat on, showing what could be achieved between stops. Urging young adults to spend just 5 minutes doing Duolingo each journey, acts as a reminder to integrate learning a language into their daily routine. The green seats would also be promoted on social media, to encourage engagement with the Duolingo app, and drive shareability through the #DuolingoStopByStop.

Timer mock-ups developed by Dominikus Kronwitter.

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