SAFETY NET.New visual identity for the future of fishing industry.

A two weeks creative brief set by Dyson and SNTech challenged AUB students to create a suite of identities for the range of SNTech products. A further requirement was that each identity had to work alone and as part of a coherent system which includes the identity of the overarching business by allowing allow for future technologies to be added to the range.

SafetyNet Technologies a company helping to drive the adoption of a new, more efficient fishing technique, called Precision Fishing which is proven to reduce bycatch by 90%. ‘Bycatch’ is the unwanted fish and other marine creatures trapped by commercial fishing nets during fishing for a different species. Currently, 1 out of every 5 fish caught is unmarketable, endangered or too small and after a long time of sorting that legally needs the happen on the fishing vessel, the bycatch is returned to sea. This equates to around 9m tons of fish wasted every year globally.

Project type
  • Branding
  • Social Media
Live brief by
  • Dyson and SNTech
In collaboration with
  • Katie Bridge
  • Thomas Reynhart

SNTech products

SNtech currently has one product called Pisces that can be attached to fishing gears and use different combinations of light flashes to attract the species of fish that fishermen are specifically looking to catch, while repelling unwanted fish types. Apart from that, they also have another set of three products currently under development from which we were provided sketches and initial prototypes.

Visual identity

The visual identity only uses simple geometric shapes extracted from the unique characteristics of the products. The colours were chosen from the lights SNTech uses for their products to attract or repel species. The identity really allows future products to be added to the range following the same idea – oversimplifying the characteristics of the product to shapes.

Harnessing the power of social media

The visual identity was created so it not only targets fishing companies, but goes beyond that by spreading awareness on social media of the bycatch problem – how unsustainable it is for the environment and how hard and inefficient it is for fishermen. Targeting primarily millennials as the most interested and engaged audience in tackling issues, the social media strategy relies on GreenPiece’s engagement model.

Feedback from Dyson and SNTech

The outcome was really well received by both Dyson and SNTech. Danielle from SNTech further complimented the concept: ‘I really liked how you were targeting two audiences and your messaging was very clear and direct to each one. Your logos are great! I loved how it was clear what each represented and how they came together to form the company logo. I really appreciated how your messaging was colour coded in your instagram campaign’.

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