A DEEP DIVE.For a whole new world of technology and science.

Kaiasm, a knowledge creation company, believes that there are better and more sustainable ways that economies can function and helps businesses and organisations realign their offering to the expressed needs of the society. They challenged, in the form of a competition, students from AUB to think about how communications could be done differently in the modern world; changing the ways in which industrial and consumer behaviours are impacting on pollution, waste and natural resources.

After pitching our ideas, Cynthia Porta and I were chosen as the winning team who got the opportunity to design a short animation for the website explaining what Kaiasm can offer. The sequence uses an ocean analogy to visually explain the role of Kaiasm, in a simpler, more approachable way, whilst still using their own scientific and technological language. We developed the idea, imagery, graphics, copywriting, soundtrack and the animation.

Project type
  • Motion Graphics
  • Copywriting
  • Kaiasm
Client lead
  • Alice Stevens
  • Stephanie Horan
In collaboration with
  • Cynthia Porta

Visual analogies

With the idea of deep diving ( Kaiasm’s strategic research to understand customer’s needs), we developed visual analogies to support the information being presented. As an example, the ocean being the marketplace; boats representing customers; fish - people’s needs; shoal of fish (messy and busy to calm and organised) - categorisation/aligning businesses to express demand of the marketplace; bubbles - competition universe; unknown/undiscovered waters – what expressed needs are not yet being met; changing the perspective - Opening the client’s eyes to see the scale of what Kaiasm can do for them.

Co-designing the solution with Kaiasm

In order to make sure that the final solution corresponds with client’s visions, Cynthia and I created various visualisation before attempting to produce the final animation. We presented to Kaiasm the visual style with illustration thumbnails, GIFs to show the animation direction and the concept of deep diving and hand-drawn animatics.

Projects testimonials

The project is published on the AUB website where speaking about the our pitch, Liam, Kaiasm Chief Scientist, said: ‘We were thrilled with the standard of creative response we got from the students to our brief - a difficult one, of simply explaining what we do in a 1-2 minute animation. There’s a lot of talent there and we think they all have very bright futures ahead of them. The Deep Dive concept and analogy felt like a perfect match with our company’s principles and ambitions, as well as visual connections to brand values of being transformative, revelatory and valuable.’

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