NAUGHTY BEAN.Instant coffee, but not as you know it.

Challenged to redesign packaging of an everyday product that we usually buy without paying attention to design, I decided to give new life of instant coffee as a product that usually either comes in sachet or jars in red, gold or blue. My aim was to create a brand that connects with a specific target audience visually and to stand out from other coffee brands on supermarket shelves.

The brand I created is called the #NaughtyBean as some like it sweet, some like it strong but everyone likes it #naughty. That’s why the Naughty Bean is breaking the rules of what instant coffee is and how it should taste like by using a high-quality 100% Arabica freeze-dried #naughtybeans. Targeted primarily at teenagers and young adults, as the main consumers of instant coffee, the brand satisfies their needs for convenient, easy to prepare, environmentally friendly, funny and affordable product.

Project type
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Illustration

Packaging shape

Inspired by the target audience of the Naughty Bean, the packaging design had to follow several requirements: to be affordable, to contain more product, to use a material that can be recycled, to be interesting and attention-grabbing and to be compact by occupying as little space as possible in their shelves.

After trying a variety of shapes, I decided to use the space provided by a double box that can open like a book. The product is designed to minimise the use of unnecessary packaging by driving inspiration from bath bombs - having the perfect amount of instant coffee pressed into individual beans.

To make the packaging works with the brand even more, I transformed the whole unboxing experience into an ‘advent calendar’ game where each day the person opens a window and gets either a funny quote, challenge or a provocative question to start the day inspired and with a smile.

Brand identity

Combining the two concepts of humour and naughtiness, I created the character #NaughtBean inspired to some extent by the personality of Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny. Playing with the strength of coffee - decaf, light, medium and extra naughty, I created eye-catching series of illustrations of a character who is always there to give people the energy they need, to provoke their curiosity, to inspire them to start their day with a smile or to serve as an excuse to spare a moment to rest in the afternoon.

The playful typeface reinforces the humorous language of the brand like the catchy phrase of each coffee strength (e.g., ‘At least it tastes like coffee’ for Decaf and ‘Keeps you awake for at least 2 days for Extra Naughty). The strengths are further shown visually with the use of colour palette starting from really pale pink to bright red which makes the product stand out on supermarket shelves from other coffee brands.

This concept is versatile and allows for other products to be easily added to the range such as the Naughty Syrups and the Naughty Latte on the Go.

Brand Advertising

Naughty Bean predominantly uses social media as a platform to advertise and sell their products - the four coffee strenghts boxes, flavouring syrops and a naughty coffee on the go. To engage with the audience Naughty Bean’s Instagram is vibrant and funny, reflecting the distinctive qualities of their products.

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