NIXI.In control of your pregnancy health.

Nixi is a system that consists of a product and an app developed to be part of NHS that aims to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications caused by Bacterial, Yeast, Urinary Tract Infections and Trichomoniasis.

Nixi’s goal is to inspire healthier pregnancy experience, free from complications caused by infections by raising awareness about infections, breaking stigmas and by providing an opportunity for women to be in control of their own pregnancy between antenatal appointments by using regular testing services.

Project type
  • System Design
  • UX and UI
  • Packaging Design
  • Branding
  • Illustration
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  • Creative Conscience -
  • winner in System Design category

The issue

Pregnancy comes with so many new body changes and symptoms that in some cases, it might be hard to say if a particular symptom is caused by infections like Bacterial Vaginosis, Thrush, UTI and Trichomoniasis or pregnancy. Take frequent urination as an example!

What is more, identification might be particularly hard for women who are pregnant for the first one and hasn’t experiences what does it feel like and even more, for women who have never had a vaginal or urinary tract infection before.

Apart from the fact that infections are really common for women throughout their whole life, I also came across the fact that they are even more common during pregnancy and can lead to adverse outcomes like premature birth, low births weight, passing the infection to the baby or even miscarriage if the infection is during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Conceptual model

The Nixi App

With the help of the app, women will be able to get both preventative and informative content. A main app feature will enable women to perform the test while getting step by step instructions and they will be able to scan the test when it’s ready for accurate results. Also, as I said, the pH value can refer to different infections based on symptoms so after every test the woman will answer a few questions to better identify her condition.

Moreover, the app will be connected to a database so health practitioners are able track women’s health, keep details of their condition and offer quality personalised healthcare plan with the required testing and medicine if necessary.

Raising awareness

According to a study, 89% of pregnant women turn to social media for advice (Baker and Yang, 2018) so Nixi will be using Instagram as a platform to provide more information of infections, the seriousness of them and tips for their prevention.

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