THANK YOU.For being insecure.

We live in a world where our data and personal interests are the most valuable thing. Consequently, online ads can be found in every corner of web. To be honest, talking as a girl, they sometimes easily get under my skin and convince me that something in my appearance is not as good as it can be without the use of a particular product.

This motion sequence reveals the dark side of advertising industry and how they use women’s insecurities to make them buy more. The video is designed as a campaign to appear on the ‘GirlsOutLoud’ charity website, which provides programmes and support that help build confidence, emotional resilience and a positive-self image.

Project type
  • Motion Graphics
Inspired by
  • Kirsten Leo
Voice over
  • Marta Fossati
  • Ross Bugdon

Topic inspiration

I was particularly inspired by Kristen Leo, a YouTube blogger, passionate about sustainable living and ethical fashion. She did a video explaining how the beauty industry manipulates us into consuming more and our insecurities are their profit. I took the idea of a sarcastic story from the beginning of her video.

Visual style

Looking for a more realistic style, I experimented with rotoscoping by creating a minimalist animation. I was filmed - how I walk, type on a keyboard and how I look at myself in the mirror. I drew over the footage in Photoshop at 24 fps. Roughly estimating that I have hand-drawn around 510 frames in total.

Experimenting with typography

Initially, I decided to try to be more experimental with the typography. However, I was advised that with this it shouldn’t be the accent because the animation is powerful enough by itself. I agreed with their opinion and I redid it in a simpler way. The effect I used resemble writing on a computer which I believe is more suitable and not that intrusive.

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